Was referred to Melita from a family member. Best referral we have ever had, especially after meeting with another broker company, and walking away with even less information then what we started with.

Melita was very knowledgeable and explained everything with ease, if we didn’t quite get it. She made you feel welcome, and never made you feel like you were wasting her time. She would be right there with you, just as excited about each milestone we got to. She was always quick in getting back to you, even to the point that the real estate we brought our house through, commented on how quick and efficient she was. Even they said she is the best broker they have dealt with.

She supported us in all the steps towards buying our first home, which we get to move in to in under 4weeks time. To the point, I have family and friends asking me who we went through. Don’t think twice, cause if you want the best, this is where you need to be.